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Thank you for your Love Donation in 2019

I contemplate the ministry God have given Eternally-4U to encourage and provide Atlanta disenfranchise with supplies of toiletries, socks, clothes, shoes and information for shelter and work. The love of the men and women which have contributed to such a worthy cause speaks to what Jesus said “Love your neighbor as yourself.” This charity resulted in you giving “Hope” to a community which is sometime forgotten. You demonstrated Love instead of indifference, compassion instead of dislike, kindness instead of judgment, which have allowed God’s Love to use you to lift up His people our neighbors and because of this I thank you. I submit to you there is still a lot of work is needed so we are asking you to finish this year strong by providing a five dollar donation to Eternally-4U 501(c)(3) corporation, website is below again thank you for everything.

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