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Who is my Neighbor?

Who is my Neighbor?

Some have consider their neighbor, a person that live within a few blocks of them. Eternally-4U are under the belief Jesus had when asked by a priest “who is my neighbor.” His response in short was anyone, of race, creed or social background is their neighbor. He then shared a Parable about the Good Samaritan which seen a man who was on the side of the road which have been attacked and beaten by robbers, stripped of his clothes and left half dead. People walked past this man without lending a hand to help him; however this Good Samaritan bandaged his wounds and took him to an inn to recover from his beaten body.

Where are we going with this message? Eternally-4U have been Bless to have men and women who believe their neighbors extend beyond their immediate surroundings and choose to provide clothing, toiletries, monetary donation, and time each month to share the Hope and Love of Jesus to our neighbors at Hurt Park. We ask each of you that read this post to pray for increase to this outreach as we serve our neighbors through out this community. God Bless you all for being the “Good Samaritan.”

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