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What an awesome day at Hurt Park.

Eternally-4U believe we are called to share the Love of Christ through service to the men and women in the Atlanta area, with the hope that one-day homelessness will not be part of their life. However, until every person has a place to stay we will continue to gather supplies donated by you and provide clothes (over 125 items), shoes, backpacks, hygiene kits (socks, toothpaste, toothbrush, washcloth, soap, Qtips, razors, dental floss (100 plus kits), hand sanitizers, face mask, shelter information, as well as chips and pastries. We also, through your contributions we're able to provide underwear and belts, a hot item which did not last long.

If I can share a testimony with you, we understand the men and women are hurting, and sometimes that pain will manifest itself through facial expression that speaks louder than someone screaming. This morning, one of our men seen a person standing next to the table, during the time we were providing clothes, he did not say anything he just stood there. The person serving asked the man what he was running from; of course, he initially said I am not running from anything. He was then asked the question again and it had to be God because he said I have a drinking problem and with that, the dialogue commences. After the conversation, the man left knowing God is still for him and loves him dearly, and desires a better future for his life. This is what Eternally-4U is about reaching the hurt and broken with love and compassion.

God People continue to pray for us to deliver his message of Love. Those who wish to donate do so by selecting the link below. God Bless you all.

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