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Veteran Assistance.....

Eternally-4U has seen too many homeless Veterans in the streets of Atlanta scraping by from one day to the next. With that said this post is for anyone who is a veteran or know a veteran which needs housing and disability claim assistance. The resources below will help the veteran towards receiving those benefits.

VA Programs For Homeless Veterans

Help for Homeless Veterans 877 424 - 3838

Veteran Crisis Line 800 273-8255

Another resource when applying for disability benefits is to apply your claim with your local VA center, the link below can assist you in this effort.

There are Veterans which are frustrated with how Veterans Affairs processing of disability claims appear excessively slow. To their defense they do not have the man power to expedite the thousands of disability claims in the manner we would desire. With that said if you have submitted your claim with the Veteran Affairs office and you did not receive the results you thought you deserve try a company which has helped many Veterans towards receiving medical and monetary benefits. The company name is Vet Comp & Pen. Please take the time and contact them they will take you step by step during your disability claims process.

410 SW 140th Terrace Newberry, FL 32669 (888) 988-3837

As always keep praying for Eternally-4U success in assisting the homeless. In addition if you desire to donate $5.00 to this worthy cause please click the link below.

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