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They say this could not get any Better.... Well it did

Eternally-4U service to our friends at Hurt Park was gratifying. We experience one of the best days at the park. With so many men and women at the park, we needed all hands on deck and that is what we had, allowing us to Bless our friends with the least amount of challenges. We were able to provide coats, hats, and gloves today, this was in addition to our recurrent donation of toiletry bags filled with (socks, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, washcloth, Q-tips, dental floss, and razors) along with pastry/cookies, water, and chips; we also provided clothes (shirts, briefs, pants) and shoes. I want to thank God for such a beautiful day, this allowed us an opportunity to remind the men and women they are not alone, we see them and love them and have not forgotten their struggles are real. Eternally-4U wants to continue to thank everyone for their prayers, donations, and participation, without you we could not bring these resources to the men and women at Hurt Park. God Bless you and the Love you have for the disenfranchised community in Atlanta.

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