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Service to our Friends at Hurt Park

As the nation celebrates Veterans Day I am reminded of the service these men and women performed for our country, thank you for all the sacrifices you made for us. However, I also recall the demonstration of service by Jesus who washed the feet of his disciples. Here is the King of kings and the Lord of lords who bend down to serve his disciples, demonstrating we are to serve each other regardless of our social and economic position. Eternally-4U, has adopted the belief to serve each other with the love of Christ. So we express this love with toiletry bags filled with (socks, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap, washcloths, Q-tips, dental floss, and razors). Clothing articles containing, men's and women's tops, pants, belts, winter caps, underwear, shoes, and coats. In addition, we provided breakfast biscuits, hash browns, and donuts for our friends at Hurt Park.

Eternally-4U thanks each person who has prayed, and donated their time and resources for this ministry in service to our Atlanta disenfranchised community, God Bless you all. We cannot close without giving all honor and glory to God, who continues to bless our mission of service with Love.

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