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Rocking at Hurt Park

What a Marvelous time we had at Hurt Park yesterday, we provided approximately 90 plus toiletries donations to our Brothers and Sisters in the downtown Atlanta community with God personal touch of Love. We are the hands and feet of God to reach out to those which have not recognize the face of Christ love which died for us. Eternally-4U determination is to reach the disenfranchise community in the streets under a bridge, or where ever we can find them and why; because it is important for everyone to know there is “Hope” and that Hope is in Christ Jesus. So we will pass out the toiletries donation of soap, washcloth, toothpaste, tooth brush, Qtips, dental floss, socks, chips, sandwiches or pastries and bible verses.

All is accepted to the Love of Christ, no politics, just Love.

In addition we provided sneakers to those which did not have shoes or was disrepair and clothes. What a great Heart the people of Atlanta have which gave as well as those outside of Atlanta which seen the need and the challenge of assisting people off the street towards a new beginning of life. Thank you all for your prayers it was felt and truly encourages us to move forward to the work we have been given. God Bless you all, and may the favor of the Lord be with you this week.

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