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Homelessness is a National Problem.

Homelessness is a national problem, so much have been written about it via media outlets of the horrors states like California (129,972), New York (91,897), Florida (31,030), Texas (25,310) and Washington (22,304) are experiencing. However, all news is not bad, there is good news, out of Atlanta, Ga. they have seen the need and responded to our homeless community. Channel 2 news in August 21, 2019 reported Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms have started the city’s HomeFirst Initiative that raised $50 million to get homeless people into 550 apartment-like units. Eternally-4U hope this initiative will help bring dignity back to brothers and sisters which may have lost all hope of ever finding a place to call their own; this is a great start but there is so much work which must to get done before we can say it is over.

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