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God Grace

When Eternally-4U started this outreach journey to the disenfranchised community in Atlanta, we started with sandwiches and chips. Subsequently, as time went on and with the Blessing of God and His Grace we have increased in items and participation. We are now providing toiletries fill with (socks, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, washcloth, Q-tips, dental floss, and razors) along with honey bun/cookies, water, and chips. Clothing articles are provided T-shirts, briefs, shirts, pants, shorts, shoes for men and women. Women's items are also given.

My Brother and Sisters, it is because of your love for God's people we can do this each month, thank you for your donations, your compassion, your willingness to participate in something greater than any of us, and yes God's Grace.

Love you all with the Love of Christ and, remember you are changing lives.

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