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Glorious Day at Hurt Park

What a glorious day at Hurt Park.  Eternally-4U's mission is to bring services to Atlanta's disenfranchised community, by meeting their immediate needs. As some of you know who have kept up with us we provide employment and Homeless shelter information, clothes, underwear, shoes, toiletry bags filled with (toothpaste, toothbrush, Q-tips, dental floss, soap, washcloth, razor, socks), and women's personal toiletry bags and water. In addition, we served 140 hot meals, prepared and cooked by Chef Awet, her menu today was turkey meatloaf, with garlic mashed potatoes and pepper green beans. However, God has opened the door to another dimension of our service to the men and women at the park, this includes health and wellness checks, spearheaded by Dr. Byas-Smith. Thank you all for your support with, prayers, donations, and participation. However, we could not do this without God who has made this ministry possible to increase its territory.



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