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Eternally-4U "You get a Blanket, You get a Blanket…."

What a Bless day at Hurt Park, the weather was wonderful and the energy level of the Eternally-4U team was high. The men and women at the park are familiar with our team bringing hygiene kits, clothes, shoes, and masks. However, this time they would receive a treat, Eternally-4U partnered up with our home church, Mountain West Church in Tucker. Mountain West Church reached out to their congregation and requested a blanket drive to keep our brothers and sisters at Hurt Park warm during these cold nights. I say except their contribution was an outpouring of love which touched the many lives at Hurt Park. The Bible says the Harvest is plenty but the workers are few, however, this day Eternally-4U members ministered many lives at Hurt Park with the hope permanent housing and employment are soon. In addition to Mountain West Church and Eternally-4U team, the men and women who donated financially allowed us to purchase additional underwear and t-shirts, thank you. We also want to give thanks to the prayer warriors who have and continue to pray for our success and safety. In all that we do at Eternally-4U may God be Glorified.

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