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Eternally-4U wish you a Merry Christmas

I want to thank everyone for their participation and donations, from women's coats, blankets, shoes, clothes (men and women), belts, masks, gloves, toiletries, information, etc. With that said we had our hands full with the many people at the Park, however, I must say the men were up to it and handle every situation well. This offering of love was the last for 2020 and because of God's abundant grace, we finished the year strong. Thank you for everyone's prayers, donations, and participation this year you have been awesome. Eternally-4U know this year have not been the best for everyone with the pandemic affecting so many lives, with job loss, sickness, and some cases death of a loved one. Nevertheless, I ask you to hold on to your faith and don't let go, for God who is faithful will never leave you nor forsake you.

Love you all with the Love of Christ, until next year stay bless.

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