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Eternally-4U wish everyone a Happy Independence Day.

What a wonderful day to serve the men and women at Hurt Park. The smiling faces which greeted us were just as bright as the sun in downtown Atlanta. Eternally-4U would like to thank you for believing in us because this month you guys were “Awesome.” The donation towards assisting the needs of Atlanta disfranchise was enormous; contributing monetary funds, clothes, backpacks, shoes, toiletries (soap, washcloth, toothpaste, tooth brush, Qtips, dental floss, socks, razors) along with snacks and water. This amount to over 100+ bag items and 40 pair of shoes. Again thank you for allowing us to be the agent of Hope at a time which has brought on many challenges. God Bless you All, and please stay safe.

If you care to be part of this worth while service, contributions can be made below.

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