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Eternally-4U Thank you for your 2023 Support

Eternally-4U wants to thank everyone who partnered with us in serving, ministering, and providing the necessary needs for our friends at Hurt Park. We have seen significant results because of your contribution to this mission of Hope to Atlanta's disenfranchised community in 2023, your love was immeasurable, your faith unquestionable, and your compassion demonstrated the hands, feet, and face of Christ.

With all that said, we cannot forget the foundation and catalyst to Eternally-4U ministry, God, for without Him we can do nothing.

As we embark on this 2024 New Year, we are confident that our friends at Hurt Park will receive a fresh start with shelter/employment information provided.

So family, as the Staple Singer sang their song in 1975, "Let's Do It Again" we will do this again with increased expectations of permanent housing and employment for the men and women of Atlanta, GA.

Love You All with the Love of Christ, and there is nothing you can do about it.


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