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Eternally-4U, say Thank you….

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

The nation pandemic has increased in various parts of our country, lives are challenged with unemployment, paying rent/mortgage, utility bills are due, and just life stressors. Eternally-4U see the results of our Atlanta disfranchise community which has fallen into a state of despair before the pandemic and now see it multiply even more. I said this to tell you God Faithful Warriors of Hope, Thank you. The men and women were excited to see the clothes and shoes you donated. Yes, your contribution exceeded last month's donation. Imagine not able to change your clothes for 3 days to over a week or more, not having any shoes to wear, or hygiene kits (socks, toothpaste, toothbrush, washcloth, soap, Qtips, razor, dental floss) to clean yourself, well that is the life some of our neighbors live. As the word says in Matthew 22:39 " And the second is like it: 'Love your neighbor as yourself" Today you Loved much. Eternally-4U, also ensured face masks were provided; we need to protect each other. God Bless you as those who have partnered with us see the need and hear the cry of God's people. In all that we do May God get the Glory.

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