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Eternally-4U 2020 Year in Review.

As you know 2020 was a year many would like to forget, with COVID-19 materializing in America, causing historic job losses, deaths, business, school closure, nation lockdown, America coming to grips with racism, employees working from home and the list goes on. Consequently, this is just a small sample of what happened in our nation, however, what we sometimes forget are the men, women, and families that lost their apartment and homes during this pandemic. Eternally-4U has seen this first hand as we provide the resources to the disenfranchised community at Hurt Park and other locations in the downtown area of Atlanta. With that said, we ask you to continue to pray for those who have fallen on hard times and us as we continue to assist our neighbors with hope and God's love. Pictures are attached to illustrate the work performed in 2020 and the donations you provided to make someone's life better. We at Eternally-4U want to say thank you for caring, thank you for believing in us but more importantly thank you for believing in change for the men and women of Atlanta. God Bless you all until next time.

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