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Double Portion

Eternally-4U is grateful the love you shared with your giving today was a double portion to our friends at Hurt Park.

Items provided, toiletry bags filled with (socks, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, washcloth, Q-tips, dental floss, and razors) along with pastry/cookies, water, and chips; we also supplied shelter resources, shoes, clothes (shirts, men/women underwear, pants, belts) water bottles, along with women toiletry bags filled with lotion, nail polish, lip gloss, lady razors, sanitizer wipes.

Did I say double portion, bags filled with, tuna salad, Mandarin fruit, slim jims, fruit snacks, blueberry muffins, Vienna sausages, raisins, lunch kits, sprite, Capri drinks, strawberry/ cherry bars, Hershey almond bars, Sunkist and Reese’s peanut butter cup. Thank you, Publix.

When you think that is all, we also supplied blankets to warm our friends at night was donated. Thank you Sam’s Club and Walmart.

Eternally-4U is humble of your giving to your neighbors who are facing challenging times, God Bless you all. As always, we thank God for His Blessing to this ministry of Hope.

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