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Did You Know???

Homelessness is a continual struggle cities small and large seek to combat daily. As you know homelessness is not a respecter of person(s) this will hit families, and single people alike. HUD nation-wide survey of homelessness reported a total of 552,830 people have this experience, on a single night in 2018 they also noted out of the 552,830 (67 percent) were individuals and (33 percent) were families. In reading an article dated February 19, 2019 there are 37,800 veterans suffering homelessness as well.

We at Eternally-4U goal are to assist people with correspondence which will help provide shelter, donate food, clothing, shoes and toiletries. Consequently, I am so happy to say the city of Atlanta is initiating a $50 million dollar home first program to reduce homelessness; look at the link below.…/85-35ab617e-0933-48bb-8e7f-9fd3a1…

In addition to the good news out of Atlanta I would like to address the veterans which may be reading this post or you may know someone which is a veteran. What I have learned since my retirement seeking compensation from the VA, it can be extremely difficult to receive the right guidance. I am not saying the VA is intentionally leading you astray; they have a mountain of work they address on a daily occurrence. If you can be patient with me for a moment the best way to address your condition/compensation is to articulate the language they are using, the VA Rating book.

This is a start to speaking your truth, I want you go through the appendices and find the related information which address your disability. To further understand your disability please read below:

I hope this will help, like I said earlier the VA has volumes of work they tackle daily. So my Brothers and Sisters who are in this fight to help the disenfranchise, keep Eternally-4U in your prayers to continue the work God have called us to perform. God Bless.

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