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Georgia has invoked a state-wide shelter in place order, April 1, 2020 to reduce the spread of COVID-19. In doing so the city of Atlanta is expected to open a hotel for the homeless this week, providing 170 rooms for isolation and quarantine. The hotel will give residents meals and screening for CoronaVirus administered by Georgia Department of Health.

However, with 3,000 homeless reported in the city of Atlanta this effort may not provide enough beds to support them. Gateway Center has 482 beds and Atlanta Missions have 600 in addition to the 170 rooms the city is offering. The challenge the city face will be overwhelming and unless they can acquire additional housing there will be many left out.

I understand some that are reading this post will say we are facing adversity as well, and not to minimize anyone situation (which I will speak on later) but the fact is there are homeless men and women which does not know there is a pandemic because they live in a community to themselves and do not communicate with the city officials due to their mistrust of authority.

For those of you which are struggling I know it is hard, not knowing where the next pay check will arrive and when the government will send the stimulus funds to the families which need it now. However, some renters may have a silver lining until life get better, with some states halting evictions (not so in the state of Georgia and eleven other states) open link below:

My hope is for all of us to make it through this arduous time in the world. With those who feel lonely during this time of isolation create a gmail account and sign up with ZOOM and have a conference call with many of your friends. God Bless all of you, stay safe, stay focus and most of all trust God during this time of trail and tribulation.

Love you, Eternally-4U.

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